Running in Skirts

Who remembers this song?! Can you believe it’s been 12 years since we first heard it? I was in a store this morning buying my banana and it was on – and then it just came on my ipod a few minutes ago. i feel like a dork but i love this song, and kind of wish i named my blog something from it! anyway i heard this little nugget of advice, and wanted to share it with all of you. hopefully it will inspire you the way it does me!

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.”

ok ok i can’t just stop at one – these little gems sing to me too:

“Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography in lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young.”

“Don’t expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund, maybe you’ll have a wealthy spouse; but you never know when either one might run out.”

hope youre all having a great day! love you all 🙂


hello everyone!  thanks to bobbi’s reader’s challenge, i actually feel like i have people reading my blog now.  hooray!  i look forward to learning more about everyone as i continue this blogging journey 🙂

anyway i know i said i’d update last night, but i suck.   i promised myself that i would keep my computer in the office so that i’d actually get a chance to unplug when i get home from work, and since i had some real housewives to catch up on, i just didnt make it back to that room last night.  (mind you i could hardly even keep my eyes open to finish watching my favorite divas, but thats a different story!)

anyway since its been so long since i’ve posted, i’m going to zoom through this.  one of these days i will become a more regular blogger… i hope you understand 🙂

soo menu monday.  ha i suck at sticking to menus!  monday i got home and was in a GRUMPY mood.  i dragged myself to the gym and did some strength training, but couldnt muster up the energy to cook.  the bf and i got individual pizzas from felicia’s in ardmore.  i got a “veggie” pizza (aka broccoli, haha.  i was disappointed.) and i ate THE WHOLE THING.  oy.  it was good though, and i mean it wasnt that big! hehe.

tuesday i was able to snag a picture of my goodies for the day:


so to break it down for ya – breakfast was yogurt + kashi, grapes, and tea (no surprise there)… lunch was a grilled chicken, sharp prov, tomato, pepper sammy from the cafe downstairs – oh and a side of the best roasted asparagus i’ve ever had.  holy yum.  snack was the string cheese and carrots… and dinner – despite eating the carrots with the intention of portion control at dinner… was a big bowl of pad thai that i had while out with some work friends.  hopefully the fact that we laughed all the way through dinner meant i had a good ab workout 😉

wednesday was the standard breakfast (second verse, same as the first) but with a naner instead of the grapes.  i also had a morning snack because i was helping out with a recruiting event at work and wasnt sure when i’d be able to eat, so i had the string cheese early.  the recruiting event stressed me out, so when i got to lunch, i made a beeline for the calzone line… oops.  but my spinach and chicken calzone (with the fluffiest ricotta ever!) was SO GOOD.  so i didnt feel too bad 🙂  i skipped the carrots for snack, but had a kudos bar instead.  i know these have like zero nutritional value, but it was just the right amount of chocolate that it works for me.  i headed to the gym where i ran the first day of yesterday’s training schedule (15 minutes running +5 min warmup/7 min cool down = 2.37 miles!)dinner was taco pasta salad, which robert officially said is his favorite of my meals!  i have to admit its so good, and i had this portion… and then another.  oops! 


finally today – breakfast was the same as yesterday (its so much easier to do breakfast when you have a routine!)  and lunch is currently the best salad ever!  again from the same little cafe downstairs (pagano’s market, if anyone is interested!) i’ve never had a salad there because i was never overly impressed with their salad bar, but today it was calling my name – it had everything i love!  i had only a little bit of spring mix, topped with lots of garlicky asparagus, snap peas + tomatoes, fresh green beans, grilled eggplant (omg this is my favorite part!), grilled chicken, and a little taste of pasta salad.  i am in love.  oh and honest tea moroccan mint green tea on the side.  heaven.

i almost forgot to mention that i tried my first yerba mate tea tuesday!  it was honest tea’s tropical version of yerba mate, and it was pretty good!  i had it again yesterday and thought it was a little too sweet, but as a once-in-a-while drink, its tasty.  i love these honest teas – they are usually just right – not too sweet.  my fav.

oh!  and guess what?!  our little garden is finally coming along.  i present to you our first tomato!


who else is growing a garden this year?  what are you growing?

ok ok so i havent posted in a while. i promise i will have a decent post later tonight.  in the meantime, i found this great training program for a 5k from runners world that looks perfect for the next four weeks.  i was using couch to 5k, but kind of fell off track with the wedding and haven’t been able to jump back on board.  this will work perfectly with my midsummer night’s runs!  my first 5k is july 9, so the timing is impeccable.  hooray!

Week 1:
Tues 15 min.
Thur 17 min.
Long Run 2.5 miles

Week 2:
Tues 17 min.
Thur 20 min.
Long Run 3 miles

Week 3:
Tues 20 min.
Thur 20 min.
Long Run 3.5 miles

Week 4:
Tues 20 min.
Thur 20 min.
Long Run 5-K race




hello friends! just a happy little post to set up the week….

monday: taco pasta salad – a favorite recipe from mom!   pretty easy too… boil a pound of pasta, brown a pound of ground beef, and prepare it with taco seasonings (i use the little packet!) saute some onions, chop up some tomatoes – mix and serve!  we love it with cheese and sour cream, but to each their own!  it tastes even better the next day for left overs!

tuesday:  i’m going out to a thai dinner with a friend from work…  and i’m sure robert will eat leftover taco pasta salad!  any healthy ideas for thai food out there…?  anyone…?  i didnt think so :-/

wednesday:  the same easy-way-out swedish meatballs from last week.  they never quite made it out of the freezer last week because both robert and i were swamped, so this will give the boy a chance to make me some dinner!  love it!

thursday: i think i’m actually meeting another friend for drinks and apps on thursday.  it’ll be a good week!  i love not having to study 🙂

anyway, so far today i’ve stuck to the usual… breakfast = yogurt (watermelon, ew.  whoever thought watermelon was a good idea for a yogurt was beyond me.  and why i thought it was a good idea to buy it?  who knows.) kashi, grapes, and tea. 

lunch was at my favorite veggie place in philadelphia – mama’s!  they make the best falafel ever.  if you are ever in town, you NEED to eat here!  lunch was a small falafel (two balls – thats what she said!), a veggie latke, and a fried eggplant.  i know its not the best for me but its SO GOOD! and they have pickled veggies on the side -yum!

hope everyone’s having a good day! 🙂

happy sunday!  can you believe tomorrow is june?  where has this year gone?  i decided that since i started this blog to track my goals, i will update about them on the last day of the month.  i’m nervous!  🙂

1) run a 5k. – i was so inspired by all the incredible girls running the san diego marathon today that i started looking up races to run!  i came up with a schedule for myself, with the longer-term goal of running a half marathon by this time next year!

june 11 – midsummer night’s one-miler

july 9 – midsummer night’s 5k

aug 13 – midsummer night’s 5k

these races sound really cool because they are in my town and are after work.  i’d usually be working out anyway, so why not race?!  i’m excited!

sept 26 – dragon run 5k

this race is in my hometown, and benefits a scholarship for a boy from my HS that died a few years ago.  what better reason to run?

oct 24 – footsteps for friends 5k in haverford pa

nov 22 – rothman institute 8k

this race is part of the philadelphia marathon!  it will be such a great atmosphere around my favorite part of philly, and i cant believe i’m even thinking about running an 8k already!  i told you i was inspired today 🙂

2) get my freaking life in order. – i spent all day today cleaning and organizing!  and for the past week i’ve been putting away all my clothes as soon as i take them off… which sounds like something a 7 year old should be proud of – but trust me, its a big deal! next up is dusting and vacuuming regularly.

3) pass the cpa exam! – i did it!  i did it!  did i mention that i did it!

4) make dinner more frequently. – ohh boy.  not as many times as i wanted to, but enough for a good start i guess.  i had a rough week at work, but hopefully next month i’ll be making dinner all nights except friday and saturday!

5) lose 10 pounds. – yeah i dont like this goal anymore.  i decided with all the racing i’ll be doing (ha i’m so cool, right?) that this will come naturally.  i hate talking about losing pounds.  boo.

anyway, let’s dish.

friday:  ugh remember that diet-crashing manager?  well right after i finished this charming breakfast of yogurt w/go lean crunch, a naner and some tea:


i felt guilty for not eating a donut, since he had brought a dozen, and NO ONE ate any.  he was giving us crap about it, so i wanted to be the “good staff” and be nice.  ugh 290 calories of being nice.  it would have been a different story had i not already eaten a filling breakfast!

anyway lunch friday was a buffalo chicken quesadilla… which was so good!  and the cafeteria at our client puts nice emphasis on eating healthy so you can never feel too guilty when you eat there!  i had a few pieces of candy for snack (again, manager pressure.  he just doesnt get it!), but balanced it out with a few carrot sticks!  dinner was at our favorite bar, and i was craving a grilled cheese with chili.  weird combo but it was so good!  and our bar started serving frozen drinks and mojitos for summer.  this spells trouble!

yesterday started with breakfast at our favorite local place – ardmore station cafe.  i had the eggs florentine, but forgot to swap out the potatoes with a fruit cup like usual :-/ it was still scrumptious though!   we skipped lunch bc we ate pretty late, but before we went to a housewarming party i had my favorite snack:


this picture makes it look like the apple and peanut butter are falling off the desk!  haha.  the beverage of choice is bitter lemon – it’s like tonic water with lots of lemon in it.  it is so good and refreshing, and also contains quinine which quiets down my wacky legs (its like restless leg syndrome, but before i go to bed!)  its a good thing i had this snack, because while the bf and i expected a cook-out at this party, we got some snacks.  i tried to be good and just have some veggies and cheese, but it just didnt take the place of dinner… and before you knew it, i had housed the bbq chips.  the darn things are just so addicting!

we woke up super late this morning and again headed to station for some food.  i had a rueben sandwich, which i love there because it’s not a standard 10 lb sandwich.  just enough corned beef to taste yummy!  and a salad on the side.  snack was one two string cheeses, and dinner was this yummy concoction… homemade general tso’s chicken!  i got the sauce from trader joes (so good, highly recommend!) and picked up some brown rice from the local chinese place.  (we have no food in the house, its pretty embarrassing!) and cooked the chicken, stirred in the sauce, and BOOM! chinese food.  yum!


i also got reacquainted with the gym today… i did a short run – just one mile (in prep for my first race, haha!) and stretched a little.  it had been over 2 weeks since i hit the gym, and wanted to start out slow.  but it sure felt good!

what was your first race?

i have had that song stuck in my head for days!  i would like to run to it, but seeing as how i’ve been stuck at work til 8-830 every night, that hasn’t quite been happening.  it seems i’ve been writing/thinking all week about getting back on track, but life is getting in my way.  also i’ve really been able to see how my emotions affect my eating habits as well.  that’s one reason why i wanted to start this blog… to figure out the patterns and try and change them. 

yesterday started off well:  the usual – yogurt + kashi, grapes, and tea

lunch was delicious:  a primo hoagie with fresh mozz and bruschetta topping.  i ate the whole thing.  oops 🙂 

snacks consisted of… umm, a few fun-size twix bars and some string cheese around 6pm. 

dinner was good as well, although mind you – i made this great menu for the week, and i’ve only made one recipe off of it!  last night was supposed to be robert’s turn to cook, which meant it was my turn to do dishes.  after a 12 hour day at work, that was the last thing i wanted to do, so i offered to pick something up.  we had grilled chicken sandwiches with dijon mustard, lettuce + tomato, and my favorite grilled veggie plate.  (i’m kind of addicted.)  i ate all the zucchini off of it, and some of the onions – i probably didnt even need to order it in the first place!  it was just sooo goooood… and of course we had to kill the ice cream cake for dessert.  the good news is that at least the ice cream cake is no longer staring at us from the freezer! 

all in all my meals for the day wouldn’t have been so bad if i didn’t eat such large portions of them.  i think that’s my biggest issue with stress… when i am upset or stressed out, my willpower goes out the window.  so let’s go with the biggest diet cliche ever and say… “next week will be better!”

in other news, this is the last day on this crazy client, and i couldn’t be more excited!  hoooray!


edit:  so my manager just walks into the audit room with a box of 12 donuts…  right AFTER i finish writing this post about getting back on track.  the thing is, there are only 3 of us on this team.  now this is something i’ve been struggling with ever since i started this job.  how do you politely decline treats like this (he is also the manager that brought us out 3 pounds of candy to share!)  when he is sitting right in front of you?!  i feel like its so rude to just leave them sitting there, but donuts are SO BAD for you!  any suggestions?


pretty much sums up my life this week.  pretty much that means no gym (i am NOT a morning person, so that is not an option) and yesterday it even meant eating all three meals at work.  woo freaking hoo.

i’m going to try and start taking pictures of what i eat… i am still not telling too many (or any) people about this blog until i feel really comfortable with it, so there will only be pictures when i’m by myself!

for starters, yesterday’s breakfast (and most days) was a yogurt with a handful of kashi go lean crunch, some fruit, and some citrus green tea.


lunch yesterday was a turkey ruben, with some baked bbq lays…  and a few pieces of chocolate throughout the day too.  my manager has this twisted notion that a team of 3 people should have a halloween bounty worth of candy within arms reach at all times.  i’ve done a fairly good job of restraining myself, but sometimes it just cant be helped…

like after you use your hard-earned accounting degree to take a walk in the rain to get your senior and manager some coffee at starbucks…  ooh yeah, chocolate was necessary after that!

for dinner i had a yummy salad, with grilled chipotle bbq chicken and black beans and tomatoes and corn… and the dressing mixed in!  grr!  i guess i should just be glad the firm was paying for it 🙂

once i got home from work (ohh you know, a casual 12+ hour day), i made myself feel better with some leftover birthday ice cream cake and peppermint tea:


ahh how do you rotate pictures?!

breakfast this morning was more of the yogurt + cereal routine… plus tea… plus some grapity grapes


hmm where did they go?

lunch was chicken and veggie stir-fry.  i have a sneaking suspicion that the sauce had too much sugar in it, and the rice was white, but whatev.  it still tasted good!  somehow more of that candy snuck over to hang out with my ten-key


oh and there was more, trust me.  i needed it again after the day i had… not quite like yesteday but not so great either!  anyway, dinner was a rachel ray recipe with pasta (we only had white penne, lame!)  and tomatoes and onion and chicken broth.  it was pretty good… not as pretty as rach’s but it was yum-o none the less.  i dont know why i didnt take a picture of it… when you eat dinner at 10pm every night i guess you become too consumed with eating and not so much with the camera.  ohhhh well.

anyway the one good thing about staying late tonight was the ability to get to show you all the fabu view we have from our audit room, and how gorgeous the city looks at twilight.  i had the best walk to my train ever!  gorgeous weather, and the prettiest colors reflected on the buildings!


our view of the art museum!


and the logan square fountain


and the four seasons, right next door… some of my most romantic daydreams revolve around the four seasons! :-*


what a charming little seating area on 18th street.  i love these purple flowers!


and finally, the comcast center, right across from the train station.  i love the way it looks almost like the building is blending into the clouds.  it was a gorgeous walk!

i hope everyone is having a nice evening… one question  – how did you all start taking pictures of your food without being self-conscious?


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