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so i ran my first race!  it was only a mile, but it was a big step for me.  i felt anxious all day because i thought robert was going to be at class, and i wasnt sure if i’d make it out of work in time for the race, and the race itself was being held by the bryn mawr running company (aka freaking hard core runners!)  so i was freaking out.  but i got out in time, and robert’s class was cancelled (it made me super happy when i turned the last corner and saw him waiting for me!) and i made my one mile in 12:40.  woot!  i could have gone a few seconds faster but the finish line was a little confusing and i started walking before i got there.  whoops!  i think i might have been the only person to run the mile instead of the 5k (except maybe one hard-core dude who must have been trying to PR), so i guess that means i got first?! or last, haha.  ohh well – it was fun anyway!  i think my favorite part was when i realized that somehow a car had gotten on the road behind us and i was running in the middle of the road and he couldn’t get by!  silly minivan. 😛

this race is part of a three-race series, and i’m hoping to run the 5k for the next two times.  that was another thing i was nervous about… when i first read about the race they said that the race would start at 7pm, and awards would follow at 7:25.  ahh!  i can hardly run 2 miles in 25 minutes, let alone 3.1!  but yesterday really set me at ease, and i saw that a lot of people were running up into the 40 minute mark, so i breathed a sigh of relief.  i am getting excited to run in a race again!  less than a month now 🙂

part of our registration fee included one free beer at the local bar.  there were a few other runners there, and when they said they would need to collect my bib for me to get a free beer i had a mini panic attack.  eventually i decided that i would just buy my beer in exchange for my bib back – and i wasn’t the only one!  i didnt feel as crazy once the other people were keeping their numbers too… i had a nice little chat with another runner who said it was his second race and that it was worth the extra $4 to keep this little memento.  i’m glad someone felt the same as i did!  eventually we convinced the owner to let us get the free beer and keep our bibs anyway.  what a cool night!


well thats all the excitement that i can handle for right now… off to plop in front of the tv and watch game 7 of the stanley cup finals with robert!  go penguins 🙂



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