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hello everyone!  thanks to bobbi’s reader’s challenge, i actually feel like i have people reading my blog now.  hooray!  i look forward to learning more about everyone as i continue this blogging journey 🙂

anyway i know i said i’d update last night, but i suck.   i promised myself that i would keep my computer in the office so that i’d actually get a chance to unplug when i get home from work, and since i had some real housewives to catch up on, i just didnt make it back to that room last night.  (mind you i could hardly even keep my eyes open to finish watching my favorite divas, but thats a different story!)

anyway since its been so long since i’ve posted, i’m going to zoom through this.  one of these days i will become a more regular blogger… i hope you understand 🙂

soo menu monday.  ha i suck at sticking to menus!  monday i got home and was in a GRUMPY mood.  i dragged myself to the gym and did some strength training, but couldnt muster up the energy to cook.  the bf and i got individual pizzas from felicia’s in ardmore.  i got a “veggie” pizza (aka broccoli, haha.  i was disappointed.) and i ate THE WHOLE THING.  oy.  it was good though, and i mean it wasnt that big! hehe.

tuesday i was able to snag a picture of my goodies for the day:


so to break it down for ya – breakfast was yogurt + kashi, grapes, and tea (no surprise there)… lunch was a grilled chicken, sharp prov, tomato, pepper sammy from the cafe downstairs – oh and a side of the best roasted asparagus i’ve ever had.  holy yum.  snack was the string cheese and carrots… and dinner – despite eating the carrots with the intention of portion control at dinner… was a big bowl of pad thai that i had while out with some work friends.  hopefully the fact that we laughed all the way through dinner meant i had a good ab workout 😉

wednesday was the standard breakfast (second verse, same as the first) but with a naner instead of the grapes.  i also had a morning snack because i was helping out with a recruiting event at work and wasnt sure when i’d be able to eat, so i had the string cheese early.  the recruiting event stressed me out, so when i got to lunch, i made a beeline for the calzone line… oops.  but my spinach and chicken calzone (with the fluffiest ricotta ever!) was SO GOOD.  so i didnt feel too bad 🙂  i skipped the carrots for snack, but had a kudos bar instead.  i know these have like zero nutritional value, but it was just the right amount of chocolate that it works for me.  i headed to the gym where i ran the first day of yesterday’s training schedule (15 minutes running +5 min warmup/7 min cool down = 2.37 miles!)dinner was taco pasta salad, which robert officially said is his favorite of my meals!  i have to admit its so good, and i had this portion… and then another.  oops! 


finally today – breakfast was the same as yesterday (its so much easier to do breakfast when you have a routine!)  and lunch is currently the best salad ever!  again from the same little cafe downstairs (pagano’s market, if anyone is interested!) i’ve never had a salad there because i was never overly impressed with their salad bar, but today it was calling my name – it had everything i love!  i had only a little bit of spring mix, topped with lots of garlicky asparagus, snap peas + tomatoes, fresh green beans, grilled eggplant (omg this is my favorite part!), grilled chicken, and a little taste of pasta salad.  i am in love.  oh and honest tea moroccan mint green tea on the side.  heaven.

i almost forgot to mention that i tried my first yerba mate tea tuesday!  it was honest tea’s tropical version of yerba mate, and it was pretty good!  i had it again yesterday and thought it was a little too sweet, but as a once-in-a-while drink, its tasty.  i love these honest teas – they are usually just right – not too sweet.  my fav.

oh!  and guess what?!  our little garden is finally coming along.  i present to you our first tomato!


who else is growing a garden this year?  what are you growing?


can you believe it’s friday?  i spent the first part of the week looking forward to my birthday, and the past two days looking forward to friday, its almost been like two short weeks!  this week hasnt quite been my healthiest, which is unfortunate because i am in my BEST FRIEND’s wedding next weekend and the dress is a little too tight for my liking around the chest.  normally the boobage would be embraced, but not until after the 23rd!  i was supposed to do my 20 minute run yesterday, but crapped out.  what a great start to the “new year,” right?  but i was really exhausted and feel like i’ve been getting sick… and all i wanted to do was curl up and watch two hours of grey’s.  well guess who fell asleep about 1:15 in?  and then woke up with about 5 min left, so i know how it all ends without any of the good stuff of how we got there….. oh well.  i feel much better after sleeping so much last night so i guess thats good at least.

anyway dinner last night was delish.  i picked up a salad with artichokes, red peppers, tomato, chicken and steak to share with the bf, and he baked a bunch of pierogies for us to share.  it sounds like an odd combo, but it really hit the spot and i didnt feel too gross afterwards, so that’s good news!  this morning i ate 3 egg whites with some cheese (my weakness.  add weaning myself off of cheese to the list of birthday resolutions!) and tomatoes and spinach.  i had some strawberries and pineapple on the side.  yuum-0!  lunch was delish as well but unfortunately out of convenience (my boss-person wanted us to work through lunch… on a friday!)  my only option was caesar salad.  at least it tasted good!

in other news, my brother got me some tomato and pepper plants for my birthday, so the plan for the weekend is to get them going!  it was such a sweet present, and i cant wait to eat home-grown veggies!  (yesterday, my boyfriend, being the city boy that he is asks “are those veggies even going to be edible?!” he’s got a lot to learn!)

any good plans for the weekend?


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