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hello friends,

i’m still fighting with myself over not going to the gym yesterday… i just was not in the mood to muster up the energy to run!  luckily i’ve gotten in the habit of changing right into my gym clothes, so after i had a chat with my mom i could at least manage to do some exercises at home!  i ended up doing two workout tv “videos” (gotta love on-demand exercise tv!) one was yoga, and one was pilates for legs.  i liked both of them, i just felt so stiff that i couldn’t get the most out of the exercises.  but i was glad to at least move around a little bit! 

i’m working on not feeling guilty about things though.  if i’ve picked up one thing from bethenny frankel’s book so far, it’s that you shouldn’t be beating yourself up over your choices.  the most important thing is to take care of yourself.  i’m slowly coming into this habit… but it creeps up on you when you least expect it, so i am trying to catch myself with my fat talk, and guilty talk/thoughts.  it’s hard work!

(speaking of fat talk, check out that link above.  caitlin at healthy tipping point is starting “operation beautiful,” making it her mission to put healthy, happy thoughts into women’s heads – and i think we should all join her!  i know i will be 🙂 )

anyway, i will update again later with some yummy pictures from my trip to trader joe’s on monday… and the yummy dinner that i made with all the goodies!  in the meantime, have a good afternoon! 🙂


how do i get out of this horrible rut?  i got home late from work and just want to relax.  how do you all stay motivated?

i have had that song stuck in my head for days!  i would like to run to it, but seeing as how i’ve been stuck at work til 8-830 every night, that hasn’t quite been happening.  it seems i’ve been writing/thinking all week about getting back on track, but life is getting in my way.  also i’ve really been able to see how my emotions affect my eating habits as well.  that’s one reason why i wanted to start this blog… to figure out the patterns and try and change them. 

yesterday started off well:  the usual – yogurt + kashi, grapes, and tea

lunch was delicious:  a primo hoagie with fresh mozz and bruschetta topping.  i ate the whole thing.  oops 🙂 

snacks consisted of… umm, a few fun-size twix bars and some string cheese around 6pm. 

dinner was good as well, although mind you – i made this great menu for the week, and i’ve only made one recipe off of it!  last night was supposed to be robert’s turn to cook, which meant it was my turn to do dishes.  after a 12 hour day at work, that was the last thing i wanted to do, so i offered to pick something up.  we had grilled chicken sandwiches with dijon mustard, lettuce + tomato, and my favorite grilled veggie plate.  (i’m kind of addicted.)  i ate all the zucchini off of it, and some of the onions – i probably didnt even need to order it in the first place!  it was just sooo goooood… and of course we had to kill the ice cream cake for dessert.  the good news is that at least the ice cream cake is no longer staring at us from the freezer! 

all in all my meals for the day wouldn’t have been so bad if i didn’t eat such large portions of them.  i think that’s my biggest issue with stress… when i am upset or stressed out, my willpower goes out the window.  so let’s go with the biggest diet cliche ever and say… “next week will be better!”

in other news, this is the last day on this crazy client, and i couldn’t be more excited!  hoooray!


edit:  so my manager just walks into the audit room with a box of 12 donuts…  right AFTER i finish writing this post about getting back on track.  the thing is, there are only 3 of us on this team.  now this is something i’ve been struggling with ever since i started this job.  how do you politely decline treats like this (he is also the manager that brought us out 3 pounds of candy to share!)  when he is sitting right in front of you?!  i feel like its so rude to just leave them sitting there, but donuts are SO BAD for you!  any suggestions?


pretty much sums up my life this week.  pretty much that means no gym (i am NOT a morning person, so that is not an option) and yesterday it even meant eating all three meals at work.  woo freaking hoo.

i’m going to try and start taking pictures of what i eat… i am still not telling too many (or any) people about this blog until i feel really comfortable with it, so there will only be pictures when i’m by myself!

for starters, yesterday’s breakfast (and most days) was a yogurt with a handful of kashi go lean crunch, some fruit, and some citrus green tea.


lunch yesterday was a turkey ruben, with some baked bbq lays…  and a few pieces of chocolate throughout the day too.  my manager has this twisted notion that a team of 3 people should have a halloween bounty worth of candy within arms reach at all times.  i’ve done a fairly good job of restraining myself, but sometimes it just cant be helped…

like after you use your hard-earned accounting degree to take a walk in the rain to get your senior and manager some coffee at starbucks…  ooh yeah, chocolate was necessary after that!

for dinner i had a yummy salad, with grilled chipotle bbq chicken and black beans and tomatoes and corn… and the dressing mixed in!  grr!  i guess i should just be glad the firm was paying for it 🙂

once i got home from work (ohh you know, a casual 12+ hour day), i made myself feel better with some leftover birthday ice cream cake and peppermint tea:


ahh how do you rotate pictures?!

breakfast this morning was more of the yogurt + cereal routine… plus tea… plus some grapity grapes


hmm where did they go?

lunch was chicken and veggie stir-fry.  i have a sneaking suspicion that the sauce had too much sugar in it, and the rice was white, but whatev.  it still tasted good!  somehow more of that candy snuck over to hang out with my ten-key


oh and there was more, trust me.  i needed it again after the day i had… not quite like yesteday but not so great either!  anyway, dinner was a rachel ray recipe with pasta (we only had white penne, lame!)  and tomatoes and onion and chicken broth.  it was pretty good… not as pretty as rach’s but it was yum-o none the less.  i dont know why i didnt take a picture of it… when you eat dinner at 10pm every night i guess you become too consumed with eating and not so much with the camera.  ohhhh well.

anyway the one good thing about staying late tonight was the ability to get to show you all the fabu view we have from our audit room, and how gorgeous the city looks at twilight.  i had the best walk to my train ever!  gorgeous weather, and the prettiest colors reflected on the buildings!


our view of the art museum!


and the logan square fountain


and the four seasons, right next door… some of my most romantic daydreams revolve around the four seasons! :-*


what a charming little seating area on 18th street.  i love these purple flowers!


and finally, the comcast center, right across from the train station.  i love the way it looks almost like the building is blending into the clouds.  it was a gorgeous walk!

i hope everyone is having a nice evening… one question  – how did you all start taking pictures of your food without being self-conscious?

wow so i had three posts in a week last week, and dead air since then.  but i can explain!  it wasn’t even me not wanting or forgetting to blog.  the past six days have been a blur.  lets see how much i can actually remember (and how much i probably wish i don’t remember!)

tuesday night:  i am PUMPED to go for another 20 minute run. at least my head is… my body not so much.  i make it 5 minutes, so with warm-up/cool-down i had exercised for a whopping 15 minutes.  i felt like crap when i got home, until i checked my cpa exam score online.  I PASSED!  and not only did i pass, but i passed with a 91!  and not only did i get a 91, but it was the only exam i had left!  guess who’s a cpa?!  (*dances*)  so needless to say that made me feel better… and prompted me to have a glass of wine 🙂

wednesday:  you couldnt touch my mood on wednesday, even if i did have to stay at work til 8pm.  but i was taking off on thursday, and we had a four day weekend for the holiday, so i figured it was worth a few extra hours of work.  of course i decided not to exercise, because the night before had thrown off my schedule… so the bf and i went out for burgers and frozen drinks. 

thursday: didnt quite work out how i’d planned… aka i had wanted to get one more arms workout in before i had to wear a strapless dress on saturday.  guess what didnt happen?  and guess who met one of her friends at chick-fil-a in the mall?  and who then proceeded to drink orange juice and melon rum with her bff later that night?  (yes, btw, this makes three days in a row with an alcoholic beverage.)  oh but it was so good to just talk with my ashley girl. 

friday:  the day before the wedding!  i was supposed to plug in the treadmill at my parents house and crank out another 20 minutes… well i’m sure you can tell where this is going!  so i took my brother to the dentist instead, and then ran out immediately to spend the rest of the day with ashley girl.  it was well worth it in my opinion – i got a pretty red pedi for summer, and went shopping with my best friend, what could be worse than that?  i ate horribly that day too – including, but not limited to: mozzarella sticks, cheese fries, buffalo chicken sandwich, and crabby fries (with cheese, of course) at chickies and petes for the rehersal dinner.  oh, and beer.  (for those keeping track, that makes four days.)  but we had so much fun – i realized how much i’m going to miss some of the incidental people in ashleys life too, like her family and even waynes friends… i wont see them much even when she comes home to visit from CA, so it was nice to spend some time with them.

saturday was the wedding.  i will have a whole post on this when i upload the pictures to my computer.  it wont be about food or running or anything, just happiness – and i am going to make sure you all are forced to see the pictures 🙂  i hardly ate much on saturday – we didn’t have any time !  but at the reception i had filet and mashed potatoes.  and umm… wine.  no dessert though, i wasnt keen on anything they really had to offer.  it was prob for the best! 

sunday:  things started off well when i ordered my favorite veggie sandwich on million-grain wheat bread.  yum!  and i only ate  FEW fries (seriously!)  we went home and the bf and i completely vegged out, we even took a nap!  i havent napped since soph year in college!  and then we decided to go on a little date to the movies to see wolverine, and also to our favorite little brewery in king of prussia.  we had coupons, so we got a shrimp appetizer, which i was upset came fried (somehow missed “crispy” in the description), and an ahi tuna salad.  and beer.  (6 days.)

finally monday, and this weekend just caught up to me.  i had a greasy chicken sandwich for lunch, and wine.  (yup, one week straight of having at least one alcoholic beverage.  i am never drinking again! haha) by the time dinner came around i was feeling sick with a capital S.  luckily for me (but not so much for heather ) i read about how you shouldn’t really eat anything else if you have a stomach ache, so i had a few bites of burger and put it down again, and had some peppermint tea instead.  i am finally feeling better and ready to detox my life!  i bought a bunch of fresh veggies for dinner this week, and am glad to be back home and to my slowly-becoming-normal lifestyle.  i’m looking forward to exercising tonight and wearing my new running skirt that ashley gave me on friday for my birthday!  (do i have the best best friend or what?!)

anyway i know that was a mean ramble, and thanks for anyone who stuck with me the whole time.  i am pretty upset with the way i treated my body this weekend, so hopefully i’ll turn this wagon around this week and get back on track.  now that i’m not worried about fitting in my bridesmaid dress, i can actually focus on more substantial goals, like running that 5k!  hooray!

what do you all do when you’ve fallen off the wagon?  how do you turn yourselves around?


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