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hello friends!

hope everyone’s weekend went swimmingly.  this weekend was spent bumming around, reading, napping, cleaning.  oh and we ran into an old friend from my last job on saturday night and ended up having a fantastic time!  we went to a place in wayne, pa that’s known for its beer menu (robert is such a beer snob 🙂 )  and sat right next to these two guy that i knew (and had 3 glasses of wine!) , then went outside where there was a jazz festival and we danced in the streets until it was time to go see the hangover… which of course caused us to laugh until our faces hurt.  it was a fantastic evening, and i hope you all had a great weekend too!  otherwise this weekend was spent reading naturally thin by bethenny frankel – so expect a full review shortly! 

anyway, back to business.  food shopping tonight – here’s what’s on the menu:

monday – eggplant parm ravioli.  rachel ray has a great recipe in her latest magazine, but robert decided that was too much work haha.  so pretty much i’m getting the frozen ravs, roasting some eggplant, and tossing with some sauce.  let’s see how this goes!

tuesday – beef stirfry.  again no real recipe, just beef + all the fresh veggies that i can convince robert to eat + soy sauce + brown rice.

wednesday – pesto chicken packets courtesy of my gf rachel ray

thursday – pork tenderloin (prob already marinated, etc from trader joes) and israeli couscous with all the leftover veggies from the rest of the week (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, etc)  yum!  this is the meal i am looking forward to the most (mainly just for the couscous!)

sunday – linguine con vongole – i have been craving this forever!  maybe i will even get fancy and buy clams in the shell somewhere…. 


anyway that’s all i’ve got for now… hopefully later this evening i’ll be able to go for a run – my shins have been killing me after my first outdoor run last thursday :-/  fingers crossed!

what are you making for dinner tonight?


ok ok so we’re just going to pretend that 5 day hiatus didnt count, kapeesh?  nothing exciting happened, and i dont feel like recapping the food.  (although i did bring robert to flemings on saturday, thanks to jenna for letting us in on their happy hour secret!  we split the calamari, crab cakes, shrimp, and carpacchio, and i had a basil lemondrop (omg so good!) and the white cosmo.  it was a great night!)

anyway, so let’s pretend it’s monday.  here goes:

monday:  we finally got those damn swedish meatballs all cooked and eaten!  theyve been on the menu for 3 weeks now!  i had a portion of meatballs, and a larger portion of egg noodles.  i swear i could live on egg noodles!

tuesday:  baked salmon brushed with evoo, salt+pepper, steamed broc and brown rice.  all drizzled with a balsamic+agave reduction (hmm robert wasnt a fan of the vinegar smell permeating our apartment haha – but it tasted yummy!)

here’s the picture of robert’s dish – my picture didnt turn out as well.  maybe we have another budding blogger on our hands?!


wednesday:  my new favorite way to eat pesto sauce… courtesy of rach, of course.  but instead of sausage + mozz balls, the boy is going to eat regular sausage and i am trying the sundried tomato chicken kind!

thursday: dinner is up in the air.  i am running my first race on thursday (a one-miler, but i’m excited anyway!) so we will probably grab something quick afterwards.  i am way excited for my race!

anyway so this morning started out like all other mornings… yogurt + kashi + fruit (blueberries) + tea.  i was ready to gnaw my arm off by lunch, and i was so excited to eat it!  i packed my lunch today for the first time in a million years (our new client has crappy food options.  blech.)  i had a whole grain pita stuffed with sabra red pepper hummus, feta cheese, 2 slices of turkey, tomatoes, and spinach.  it was so yummy!  and i had my dad’s “famous” cabbage salad on the side… which is basically chopped cabbage and italian dressing.  it’s so good – and its even better when it has time to marinate, so it will be especially scrumptious later this week.  i was starving again around 3pm, so i munched on some snacks – carrot sticks and a string cheese, and a kudos bar.  i usually dont eat all three (i pack them because you’ll never know if i’ll be craving salty or sweet) but i was so hungry!   and then on the way home i was starving again!  i didnt think i ran that far yesterday!  (19 min).  i stopped at trader joes to get the rest of my groceries for the week.. what a mistake going in there while i was starving!  i walked out with mostly snacks – 2 bags of rice chips (salt and pepper.  my fave!) 1 bag of unsalted pb pretzels, and one bag of choco covered pretzel crisps.  i’ve been dying to try these!  in between doing my laundry i was able to settle down with some real housewives and a small plate of all three.  i knew dinner wouldn’t be until later, so i didnt feel too guilty for splurging!

hmm still dont know how to rotate my pics!

hmm still dont know how to rotate my pics!

oh and my beverage of choice this week is a huge gallon of unsweetened mint tea from TJ’s!  i tried a snapple for the first time in a while at lunch today (desperate times, desperate measures) and it was SO GROSS.  i threw it out.  it wasnt worth the 210 calories.  blech. this tea is so delicious, and is perfectly wonderful without any sweetener!

dinner was the salmon above, and dessert was a few more of those delish pretzel crisps:


yum yum yum!

anyway, thanks for letting me slide over the weekend 😉  this has been a good week, and i can’t wait til thursday!  what’s your fastest one-mile pace? mine is like 8.5 (or so says my nike+)… i guess we’ll see what it will be on thursday!

hello friends! just a happy little post to set up the week….

monday: taco pasta salad – a favorite recipe from mom!   pretty easy too… boil a pound of pasta, brown a pound of ground beef, and prepare it with taco seasonings (i use the little packet!) saute some onions, chop up some tomatoes – mix and serve!  we love it with cheese and sour cream, but to each their own!  it tastes even better the next day for left overs!

tuesday:  i’m going out to a thai dinner with a friend from work…  and i’m sure robert will eat leftover taco pasta salad!  any healthy ideas for thai food out there…?  anyone…?  i didnt think so :-/

wednesday:  the same easy-way-out swedish meatballs from last week.  they never quite made it out of the freezer last week because both robert and i were swamped, so this will give the boy a chance to make me some dinner!  love it!

thursday: i think i’m actually meeting another friend for drinks and apps on thursday.  it’ll be a good week!  i love not having to study 🙂

anyway, so far today i’ve stuck to the usual… breakfast = yogurt (watermelon, ew.  whoever thought watermelon was a good idea for a yogurt was beyond me.  and why i thought it was a good idea to buy it?  who knows.) kashi, grapes, and tea. 

lunch was at my favorite veggie place in philadelphia – mama’s!  they make the best falafel ever.  if you are ever in town, you NEED to eat here!  lunch was a small falafel (two balls – thats what she said!), a veggie latke, and a fried eggplant.  i know its not the best for me but its SO GOOD! and they have pickled veggies on the side -yum!

hope everyone’s having a good day! 🙂

hey again.  i figured while i had the time i’ll put my menu out there for the week, and start working towards another one of my goals (cooking more!)

monday:  burgers.  it was memorial day, after all!  but even robert said his burger was too greasy, and i had a stomach ache… so dinner was a bust.

tuesday:  this yummy pasta dish from my gal rach.  without the bacon though… as robert says “it feels like too much extra cooking.”  the boy hates to do dishes, what can i say? 

wednesday:  again another one of my girl’s recipes… with shrimp and crusty bread.  i’ve been on a seafood kick lately!

thursday:  the easy-way-out of making swedish meatballs, with fat-free gravy from a can and egg noodles.  can you tell its roberts night to cook?  haha!

wish me luck – my cooking’s a little rusty!


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