Running in Skirts


so i’ve never been very good at talking about myself, but let’s see where this takes me.

i’m 23, i grew up in south jersey, went to school at st joseph’s university (the hawk will never die!), and now live with my boyfriend in a suburb of philadelphia.  i work at a public accounting firm, and just passed my last cpa exam (woot woot!)  i am trying to get my life in order, both physically and mentally. 

i always grew up with the mentality that you should finish what is on your plate… and what was on my plate was usually delicious, but also not healthy.  my parents did a good job of getting us to eat veggies and fruits, and limited sweets and sodas, but we never really grasped that whole portion control thing.  i also have issues with eating for comfort, and that has really been my downfall.  i’m working on changing my outlook on food. 

i am also training for a 5k, and then hopefully some longer races after that.  i was always raised to be active and play outside, but neither one of my parents were very interested in exercise.  my dad went through a brief gym phase, but it didn’t last very long.  i played softball and tennis when i was younger, but was never a runner, so i’m really proud of all that i’ve done so far! 

i never had huge body image issues until recently.  it feels like i woke up one day and couldn’t fit into my jeans the same way anymore.  i hate saying that i want to lose weight, but i guess i do.  i am really just trying to keep the mindset that losing weight will be a side effect of becoming fit, but it’s hard not to focus on my physical appearance. 

i have been reading and following a lot of blogs for a while now… and they have truly inspired me to get moving and to embrace this new healthy life style.  i hope that i can do to others what this online community has done for me, and we can all make changes together.


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