Running in Skirts

monday already?

Posted on: June 22, 2009

hello friends.  just wanted to check in, although i am feeling really crappy.  i spent all weekend up visiting family, which was fun but stressful at the same time.  there was lots of good food on saturday for my cousin’s graduation party – including homemade stuffed cabbage and homemade kielbasa (omg swoon!) and my mom made a homemade tray of chocolates:

so i tried to make good food choices, and didnt walk away stuffed, but i definitely could have done better.  oh well – you win some, you lose some.  yesterday was my great grandfather’s 99th birthday!  most of the food didnt appeal to me, so i had a little bit, and then had some snacks in the car.  by the end of the night i could tell my body was craving vegetables!  the bf and i went to sam’s grill where i housed a small veggie quesadilla and a big plate of grilled veggies.  i felt so much better after that!

today has been totally blah. i just walked in the door about 20 minutes ago, and ugh am i irritated!  i just want to go for a run… but i was feeling totally dehydrated, and knew that i wouldnt eat dinner until 10pm…  so i opted to stay home.  hopefully tomorrow will be better!  it’s been forever since i’ve gone for a run… i need to hop back on that band wagon, stat.


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