Running in Skirts

what’s the use in feeling guilty?

Posted on: June 17, 2009

hello friends,

i’m still fighting with myself over not going to the gym yesterday… i just was not in the mood to muster up the energy to run!  luckily i’ve gotten in the habit of changing right into my gym clothes, so after i had a chat with my mom i could at least manage to do some exercises at home!  i ended up doing two workout tv “videos” (gotta love on-demand exercise tv!) one was yoga, and one was pilates for legs.  i liked both of them, i just felt so stiff that i couldn’t get the most out of the exercises.  but i was glad to at least move around a little bit! 

i’m working on not feeling guilty about things though.  if i’ve picked up one thing from bethenny frankel’s book so far, it’s that you shouldn’t be beating yourself up over your choices.  the most important thing is to take care of yourself.  i’m slowly coming into this habit… but it creeps up on you when you least expect it, so i am trying to catch myself with my fat talk, and guilty talk/thoughts.  it’s hard work!

(speaking of fat talk, check out that link above.  caitlin at healthy tipping point is starting “operation beautiful,” making it her mission to put healthy, happy thoughts into women’s heads – and i think we should all join her!  i know i will be 🙂 )

anyway, i will update again later with some yummy pictures from my trip to trader joe’s on monday… and the yummy dinner that i made with all the goodies!  in the meantime, have a good afternoon! 🙂


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