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another week, another monday

Posted on: June 15, 2009

hello friends!

hope everyone’s weekend went swimmingly.  this weekend was spent bumming around, reading, napping, cleaning.  oh and we ran into an old friend from my last job on saturday night and ended up having a fantastic time!  we went to a place in wayne, pa that’s known for its beer menu (robert is such a beer snob 🙂 )  and sat right next to these two guy that i knew (and had 3 glasses of wine!) , then went outside where there was a jazz festival and we danced in the streets until it was time to go see the hangover… which of course caused us to laugh until our faces hurt.  it was a fantastic evening, and i hope you all had a great weekend too!  otherwise this weekend was spent reading naturally thin by bethenny frankel – so expect a full review shortly! 

anyway, back to business.  food shopping tonight – here’s what’s on the menu:

monday – eggplant parm ravioli.  rachel ray has a great recipe in her latest magazine, but robert decided that was too much work haha.  so pretty much i’m getting the frozen ravs, roasting some eggplant, and tossing with some sauce.  let’s see how this goes!

tuesday – beef stirfry.  again no real recipe, just beef + all the fresh veggies that i can convince robert to eat + soy sauce + brown rice.

wednesday – pesto chicken packets courtesy of my gf rachel ray

thursday – pork tenderloin (prob already marinated, etc from trader joes) and israeli couscous with all the leftover veggies from the rest of the week (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, etc)  yum!  this is the meal i am looking forward to the most (mainly just for the couscous!)

sunday – linguine con vongole – i have been craving this forever!  maybe i will even get fancy and buy clams in the shell somewhere…. 


anyway that’s all i’ve got for now… hopefully later this evening i’ll be able to go for a run – my shins have been killing me after my first outdoor run last thursday :-/  fingers crossed!

what are you making for dinner tonight?


1 Response to "another week, another monday"

I really want to see hangover! It sounds so good 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog, love yours and have a great week!

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