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Quick Running Update

Posted on: June 3, 2009

ok ok so i havent posted in a while. i promise i will have a decent post later tonight.  in the meantime, i found this great training program for a 5k from runners world that looks perfect for the next four weeks.  i was using couch to 5k, but kind of fell off track with the wedding and haven’t been able to jump back on board.  this will work perfectly with my midsummer night’s runs!  my first 5k is july 9, so the timing is impeccable.  hooray!

Week 1:
Tues 15 min.
Thur 17 min.
Long Run 2.5 miles

Week 2:
Tues 17 min.
Thur 20 min.
Long Run 3 miles

Week 3:
Tues 20 min.
Thur 20 min.
Long Run 3.5 miles

Week 4:
Tues 20 min.
Thur 20 min.
Long Run 5-K race





3 Responses to "Quick Running Update"

Hey there! I found your blog from Bobbi’s reader’s challenge, so i thought i’d expand my blog circle 🙂 i am a fairly new runner and fair weather-healthy eater, so i can totally relate to a lot of your posts! i just ran my first 5K last summer and am hoping to do a half marathon this fall! eeeek. feel free to follow my adventures 🙂 and congrats on the CPA exam!!

I found you through your comment on Bobbi’s blog…I’m in PA, too. Lower Gwynedd…

hey cassie!

I found your comment on Bobbi’s reader’s challenge post. I’m living in Plymouth Meeting (so not too far – depending on where exactly in Ardmore you live – that’s where a lot of my mom’s family lives). I just moved back to town – and have been looking for running friends. I do have a blog, but it’s not really running/fitness related – I mean – it is but its more about my life. So you’re more than welcome to read it…Hopefully we can become blogging buddies!

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