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Menuuuu Monday

Posted on: June 1, 2009

hello friends! just a happy little post to set up the week….

monday: taco pasta salad – a favorite recipe from mom!   pretty easy too… boil a pound of pasta, brown a pound of ground beef, and prepare it with taco seasonings (i use the little packet!) saute some onions, chop up some tomatoes – mix and serve!  we love it with cheese and sour cream, but to each their own!  it tastes even better the next day for left overs!

tuesday:  i’m going out to a thai dinner with a friend from work…  and i’m sure robert will eat leftover taco pasta salad!  any healthy ideas for thai food out there…?  anyone…?  i didnt think so :-/

wednesday:  the same easy-way-out swedish meatballs from last week.  they never quite made it out of the freezer last week because both robert and i were swamped, so this will give the boy a chance to make me some dinner!  love it!

thursday: i think i’m actually meeting another friend for drinks and apps on thursday.  it’ll be a good week!  i love not having to study 🙂

anyway, so far today i’ve stuck to the usual… breakfast = yogurt (watermelon, ew.  whoever thought watermelon was a good idea for a yogurt was beyond me.  and why i thought it was a good idea to buy it?  who knows.) kashi, grapes, and tea. 

lunch was at my favorite veggie place in philadelphia – mama’s!  they make the best falafel ever.  if you are ever in town, you NEED to eat here!  lunch was a small falafel (two balls – thats what she said!), a veggie latke, and a fried eggplant.  i know its not the best for me but its SO GOOD! and they have pickled veggies on the side -yum!

hope everyone’s having a good day! 🙂


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