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Posted on: May 31, 2009

happy sunday!  can you believe tomorrow is june?  where has this year gone?  i decided that since i started this blog to track my goals, i will update about them on the last day of the month.  i’m nervous!  🙂

1) run a 5k. – i was so inspired by all the incredible girls running the san diego marathon today that i started looking up races to run!  i came up with a schedule for myself, with the longer-term goal of running a half marathon by this time next year!

june 11 – midsummer night’s one-miler

july 9 – midsummer night’s 5k

aug 13 – midsummer night’s 5k

these races sound really cool because they are in my town and are after work.  i’d usually be working out anyway, so why not race?!  i’m excited!

sept 26 – dragon run 5k

this race is in my hometown, and benefits a scholarship for a boy from my HS that died a few years ago.  what better reason to run?

oct 24 – footsteps for friends 5k in haverford pa

nov 22 – rothman institute 8k

this race is part of the philadelphia marathon!  it will be such a great atmosphere around my favorite part of philly, and i cant believe i’m even thinking about running an 8k already!  i told you i was inspired today 🙂

2) get my freaking life in order. – i spent all day today cleaning and organizing!  and for the past week i’ve been putting away all my clothes as soon as i take them off… which sounds like something a 7 year old should be proud of – but trust me, its a big deal! next up is dusting and vacuuming regularly.

3) pass the cpa exam! – i did it!  i did it!  did i mention that i did it!

4) make dinner more frequently. – ohh boy.  not as many times as i wanted to, but enough for a good start i guess.  i had a rough week at work, but hopefully next month i’ll be making dinner all nights except friday and saturday!

5) lose 10 pounds. – yeah i dont like this goal anymore.  i decided with all the racing i’ll be doing (ha i’m so cool, right?) that this will come naturally.  i hate talking about losing pounds.  boo.

anyway, let’s dish.

friday:  ugh remember that diet-crashing manager?  well right after i finished this charming breakfast of yogurt w/go lean crunch, a naner and some tea:


i felt guilty for not eating a donut, since he had brought a dozen, and NO ONE ate any.  he was giving us crap about it, so i wanted to be the “good staff” and be nice.  ugh 290 calories of being nice.  it would have been a different story had i not already eaten a filling breakfast!

anyway lunch friday was a buffalo chicken quesadilla… which was so good!  and the cafeteria at our client puts nice emphasis on eating healthy so you can never feel too guilty when you eat there!  i had a few pieces of candy for snack (again, manager pressure.  he just doesnt get it!), but balanced it out with a few carrot sticks!  dinner was at our favorite bar, and i was craving a grilled cheese with chili.  weird combo but it was so good!  and our bar started serving frozen drinks and mojitos for summer.  this spells trouble!

yesterday started with breakfast at our favorite local place – ardmore station cafe.  i had the eggs florentine, but forgot to swap out the potatoes with a fruit cup like usual :-/ it was still scrumptious though!   we skipped lunch bc we ate pretty late, but before we went to a housewarming party i had my favorite snack:


this picture makes it look like the apple and peanut butter are falling off the desk!  haha.  the beverage of choice is bitter lemon – it’s like tonic water with lots of lemon in it.  it is so good and refreshing, and also contains quinine which quiets down my wacky legs (its like restless leg syndrome, but before i go to bed!)  its a good thing i had this snack, because while the bf and i expected a cook-out at this party, we got some snacks.  i tried to be good and just have some veggies and cheese, but it just didnt take the place of dinner… and before you knew it, i had housed the bbq chips.  the darn things are just so addicting!

we woke up super late this morning and again headed to station for some food.  i had a rueben sandwich, which i love there because it’s not a standard 10 lb sandwich.  just enough corned beef to taste yummy!  and a salad on the side.  snack was one two string cheeses, and dinner was this yummy concoction… homemade general tso’s chicken!  i got the sauce from trader joes (so good, highly recommend!) and picked up some brown rice from the local chinese place.  (we have no food in the house, its pretty embarrassing!) and cooked the chicken, stirred in the sauce, and BOOM! chinese food.  yum!


i also got reacquainted with the gym today… i did a short run – just one mile (in prep for my first race, haha!) and stretched a little.  it had been over 2 weeks since i hit the gym, and wanted to start out slow.  but it sure felt good!

what was your first race?


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