Running in Skirts

one two three four, uno do’ tres quatro

Posted on: May 29, 2009

i have had that song stuck in my head for days!  i would like to run to it, but seeing as how i’ve been stuck at work til 8-830 every night, that hasn’t quite been happening.  it seems i’ve been writing/thinking all week about getting back on track, but life is getting in my way.  also i’ve really been able to see how my emotions affect my eating habits as well.  that’s one reason why i wanted to start this blog… to figure out the patterns and try and change them. 

yesterday started off well:  the usual – yogurt + kashi, grapes, and tea

lunch was delicious:  a primo hoagie with fresh mozz and bruschetta topping.  i ate the whole thing.  oops 🙂 

snacks consisted of… umm, a few fun-size twix bars and some string cheese around 6pm. 

dinner was good as well, although mind you – i made this great menu for the week, and i’ve only made one recipe off of it!  last night was supposed to be robert’s turn to cook, which meant it was my turn to do dishes.  after a 12 hour day at work, that was the last thing i wanted to do, so i offered to pick something up.  we had grilled chicken sandwiches with dijon mustard, lettuce + tomato, and my favorite grilled veggie plate.  (i’m kind of addicted.)  i ate all the zucchini off of it, and some of the onions – i probably didnt even need to order it in the first place!  it was just sooo goooood… and of course we had to kill the ice cream cake for dessert.  the good news is that at least the ice cream cake is no longer staring at us from the freezer! 

all in all my meals for the day wouldn’t have been so bad if i didn’t eat such large portions of them.  i think that’s my biggest issue with stress… when i am upset or stressed out, my willpower goes out the window.  so let’s go with the biggest diet cliche ever and say… “next week will be better!”

in other news, this is the last day on this crazy client, and i couldn’t be more excited!  hoooray!


edit:  so my manager just walks into the audit room with a box of 12 donuts…  right AFTER i finish writing this post about getting back on track.  the thing is, there are only 3 of us on this team.  now this is something i’ve been struggling with ever since i started this job.  how do you politely decline treats like this (he is also the manager that brought us out 3 pounds of candy to share!)  when he is sitting right in front of you?!  i feel like its so rude to just leave them sitting there, but donuts are SO BAD for you!  any suggestions?



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