Running in Skirts

awww yeah

Posted on: May 19, 2009

so three posts in less than a week – i think thats a new record for me!  this blog has officially gone farther than any of my previous attempts.  woooooo hoo!

anyway i’m trying to distract myself from constantly checking my cpa exam score online for the 10,000,000X today.  they were supposed to be out last night, and i am going crazy over here checking!  keep your fingers crossed for me.

things have been pretty good over this way.

friday for dinner, we went to one of my favorite places on the main line – sam’s grill.  i got a half chicken marinated in honey, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar… grilled veggies (i’m addicted) and mac&cheese (bad cassie!)  then went out with some great friends and had THE BEST DRINK OF MY LIFE.  it was the alcoholic version of an arnold palmer (jack daly maybe?  i dunno they named it after some alcholic golfer) with sweet tea vodka and lemonade.  omg i could drink it every day!

saturday we went out for breakfast, and i had eggs florentine and a fruit cup… lunch was a bad idea aka chicken cutlet sandwich!  (so good though) and dinner was sushi, 3 glasses of wine, and two mixed drinks when we went out with my bffs from home for my birthday.  (oh boy!)  the place we went in jersey was awesome though… the people were hysterical!  i think we went more for the people watching than the dancing!  i managed to squeeze in some strength training in there too.  woot!

sunday was breakfast again (same place every weekend!) and i got an egg white omelette with tomatoes and spinach… turkey bacon… and a fruit cup.  lunch was mia (i have a tendency to forget to eat on weekends) so i had a kudos bar and an apple with peanut butter before i went for my twenty minute run!  i was so proud of myself, it felt sooo good!  i’m almost there… a few weeks to go before i am running a full 3.1 miles!  dinner on sunday was an individual size pizza with turkey sausage, artichokes, and low-fat mozz.  i ate the whole thing, ugh.  add portion control to the list of goals too haha. 

yesterday i finally tried greek yogurt as a meal, instead of as a replacement for sour cream lol.  i hate fruit on the bottom so the strawberry was an icky choice for me.  but i can see myself liking it more eventually… we’ll see!  lunch was a roasted veggie sandwich from cosi, and dinner was pasta and sausage courtesy of the bf, and gossip girl!  xoxo!

haha well yeah so keep your fingers crossed for my scores tonight.  i really need to get these tests out of the way! 

oh – so robert and i got in a little argument about pizza toppings.  he said “how do you justify eating healthier by putting more food on your pizza?”  the boy doesnt quite get protein and nutrients hah.  what do you all like on your pizza?


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