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they say its your birthday….

Posted on: May 14, 2009

sooo yesterday was my birthday.  i was supposed to write this post yesterday, and mark the start of a new year, yadda yadda.  i got a little busy annnnd well, at least i created the blog yesterday, that counts, right?

anyway i’ve been feeling pretty inspired by this blogging world lately and i’m going to give this a go.  i have a lot of things i’d like to accomplish this year, and so screw new years resolutions, lets try some birthday resolutions…

1) run a 5k.  so this goal is a little cheap, because i’m like 80% done with my training (not that i havent quit running at this point before, but minor details, haha!)  i’ve been using couch to 5k, which in my opinion is such an awesome training plan!  it literally tells you to be lazy and run only 3X a week.  thats my kind of exercise!  today i’m supposed to run 20 minutes straight for the first time.  it doesnt sound like a lot, but trust me… i was reading one of my favorite blogs  the other day and she pretty much said it all.  i have asthma, and i never thought i’d be a runner… i never even liked running!  so now to say that i’m even thinking about a 5k is big for me! 

2) get my freaking life in order.  i am a mess!  my poor boyfriend has to put up with my crap all over the house.  i want to have a cleaning day once a week, and also actually put my clothes away and do laundry like a normal person.  (i swear sometimes i’m like a dude.)  add to this not being such a klutz.

3) pass the cpa exam!  again, this one is kind of cheap bc i am only one part away (and will hopefully be getting my score back next week!) but i like to cross things off of lists… hopefully this will be the first to go.

4) make dinner more frequently.  i want to make a menu every week, and actually stick to it.  i have lots of lovely cookbooks that i never use, so maybe it’ll awaken some hidden homemaker gene.

5) lose 10 pounds.  i hate actually writing it, but it needs to be done.  i am not going to stress over it, but hope that it will naturally happen by running more, and eating better – both need to be long term goals and not short term fixes.  i need to make some life changes!

ok so that sounds good for now, right?  i’m sure i have more things that i want to do over the course of the year… so you’ll probably hear some of them eventually.  i am hoping this blog will help keep me accountable for actually making these changes in my life. 

in the meantime, what do you guys listen to while you run/workout?  as crazy as it sounds, i have been running to jimmy eat world’s “chase this light” for like 2 years now.  (pretty much since it came out).  it just seems to fit the pattern of my runs.  but as much as i LOVE jimmy eat world, i am getting kind of bored with it.  help me out!


1 Response to "they say its your birthday…."

Great goals!!!! I think writing them down really helps.

Good luck training. 😀

When I run I really listen to anything, but I can relate to listening to stuff over and over again. Sometimes I listen to the same song like 4 times in a row when I’m running!

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